Treat yourself with amazing Oysters

Oysters oh! So mouth watering for seafood lovers, it is really a treat for them, but what are oyster? It is actually a name for different families of sea creatures. Indeed there are many different species. Some can be consumed raw and can be eaten in cooked form also. Some are pearl oyster and they are harvested for the pearls and some are harvested for their translucent shells which are later used for making decorative items for houses. In this short article, we will discuss what you should take note before eating an Grilled Recipes oyster.

Benefits of eating oysters

Oysters are very low in calorie and are full of protein, and is helpful if you would like to increase your protein intake but reduce your calorie intake, especially for those that are looking to lose weight.

Not only this, but oysters are rich in vitamins A, E, and C, iron, calcium, and vitamin 12.These oysters are not only healthy but they also make your environment clean as ach oyster’s filters approx 30 to 50 gallons of water a day.  So now you can imagine how much water is purified by the whole bed of oysters and thus providing clean purified water.

The oysters benefits list does not end here, they even help your plants to grow very well because the empty shells contain so much calcium that it increase the soil pH level and add nutrients to the plant and strengthens their cell walls that leads to healthy and righter flowers, so next time think twice before throwing them away.

Be aware of bad oyster

Oysters taste better in winters because in summer months the valves are spawning which gives them a weak and watery flavor and during winters when the water is nice and cold, they really thrive and taste a lot better, but there is something called bad oyster and some of you might be unaware of this. Bad oysters can lead to food poisoning. The reason for this is that the bacteria that grows along the coast and get sticks to it and when it is not cleaned well, it can lead to food poisoning when it is consumed.


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