The Beginning of Asorbas Salsa Is Bell Peppers Not Tomato Paste

The main element for all Asorbas salsa is bell peppers that are used in the place of a tomato base which is normally found in most salsas. This makes Asorbas a viable choice for those who suffer from food reactions to tomatoes, such as heartburn. The naturally balanced pH makes Asorbas salsas have a shelf life that is stable for as much as two years without the use of any artificial preservatives.

Duane Thompson

Duane Thompson’s passion for salsa began in the mid-1990’s after having a really bad day. After his college football team, he played for had a terrible game, Duane went to the dorm completely exhausted only to find all his friends had raided his fridge, including the bag of garden-fresh vegetables that his grandmother gave to him that very morning prior to the game. With only a few vegetables left and about a half a bag of tortilla chips, Duane created his earliest version of Asorbas salsa.

Hesitant to eat

Duane was a little uncertain to eat his anew created snack, as he often suffered from stomach problems eating another salsa. But Duane took the risk and soon realized that is new salsa creation left him without any stomach problems at all. And it was very good and became a favourite among his teammates. He soon after made it his mission to tweak his recipe in search for the perfect salsa, which later evolved to what you have today – Asorbas health salsa.

Demand grew

By the year 2000 requests for his homemade salsa has grown so big that he made the decision to quit making this salsa altogether so he could find out how to bring this salsa to market and keep his standard of wholesome, local, ingredients. In 2006, he founded Sabrosa (Spanish for “tasty”) Food Inc and started manufacturing his salsas in co-packing plant in Virginia Beach. Follow this Instagram link for more info

Bell peppers

The main ingredient in these salsas is bell peppers rather than of a tomato base shared in many salsas making this salsa a better choice particularly for those who suffer with heartburn. The naturally balance pH makes Asorbas salsas table on the shelf for up to 2 years without using any preservatives that are artificial. All products in his salsa are fresh from sources locally. “If you don’t continue to harvest from farms around here, they will go away.” He also says “Buy local, you’re growing your own community”. We couldn’t agree more.

Currently, Asorbas Salsa is focused on growing the product supply both internationally and locally with an interest in the future of this new product acquisitions and endeavours to be the best in the high end, healthy, natural found products industry while endorsing sustainable business practices and environmental perception.