Special Dark Chocolate Bat Cupcake for Upcoming Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is about to come and you must be busy planning for the holidays. Food, travel and fun with friends and family are all about Christmas. How about cooking something in your kitchen that beats a professional baker. Enjoying your favorite cookies, candies and other sweets in unique designs will make it funnier. What are your preparations on this special day apart from shopping for everything from local shops or online? What about the food? Don’t buy everything from the market. Things like cupcakes and chocolate candies are easy to prepare if you have a good recipe. If you have enough time for preparations, impress your kids and guests with a special recipe. For the majority of chocolate lovers, we have something special.

Bat Cupcake

We all love chocolate cupcakes because of their deep flavour and dark texture. With some creativity, it is possible to customize your Christmas dark chocolate interesting and more delicious. Here is a well-tested recipe that you must try at home.


  • One packet of chocolate cupcakes (8-10)
  • One container of chocolate frosting
  • On packet of fudge stripe cookies
  • One packet of milk chocolate candies
  • One teaspoon of red gel icing

Preparation time:- 10 Minutes

Total Servings:-  24 Servings

Calories:- 273

A quick process of making dark chocolate bat cupcakes

  • Use your chocolate frosting to spread on every cupcake evenly. It must be thick enough to fix all parts of the bat.
  • Take your fudge stripe cookies and break them into half. Each half of these cookies will be utilized as a wink of a bat. Press both halves on your cookies in the cupcake while keeping round sides inward.
  • Use the milk chocolate candies to fix between both wings as a mouth. Make sure that they are front-facing.
  • Make eyes with the help of red icing by fixing in candies.

Your chocolate bat cupcakes are ready to serve. This is one of the fastest recipes. All you need is to fix all parts carefully without creating any mess.


Cookies of Witches Hat

Witches hats are not just the props, you can also use this theme for quickly preparing an interesting chocolate recipe. Rather than buying plain traditional Christmas cookies, customize your food in style. Here is a list of ingredients to arrange:-

  • Two large packets of fudge stripe cookies
  • One packet of milk chocolate candy kisses
  • One tube of edible decorating gel
  • Half cup of honey

Preparation time:- 10 Minutes

Total Servings:-  32 Servings

Calories:- 204


Process of making cookies in Witches Hat shape

  • Arrange all of your fudge stripe cookies on a board or clean working surface of the kitchen while keeping their bottom side in the upward direction.
  • Dab your chocolate milk candies in honey and carefully fix them in the middle of every cookie. The tips of candies will give a clear glimpse of a round hat.
  • Take your decorating gel pipe and encircle a small bow around every candy.
  • Your gluten-free Christmas cookies are ready to serve.

These are the quickest recipes for chocolate lovers who are looking for an interesting recipe this Christmas. Not only for households, but you can also try this recipe for Gastropub and Restaurant purposes.