Explore Athens, Greece Without Spending A Penny – Amazing Things to Do There for Free!

Do you know which is the most vibrant and dynamic capital in the world? Well yes, you guessed it right! It is Athens, of course! This is exactly the place where you can witness archaeological vestiges next to the most modern and amazing constructions.

While visiting this place, you have got a lot to do. No matter whether you love historical places, adventurous spots, or anything else, this place has everything you can ever want to explore.

Even if you are tight in budget, you can still do plenty of things. Here, let us view free things to do in Athens, Greece that will surely not break your bank!

Witness mesmerizing and scenic views from top!

Athens has some great hills that allow you to explore the capital right from land to sea! After all, it is blessed with diverse topography. Just grab some beer and head off to periptero or kiosk and be ready to enjoy stunning views of Athens. You can even head to Aeropagus hill and admire real size of this city and just relax! You can then finish your day with hiking up to Lycabettus hill which is highest summit in the city. Believe us, you are going to be crazy once you watch sunset from there!

Visit museums with no entrance fees!

While there are many museums in Athens that require negligible entrance fees, there are some great ones too that are free to visit. Excited already, aren’t you? Some of the top ones are Municipal Gallery of Athens, Museum of Popular Instruments, and so forth. There is even Aristotle’s Lyceum that is opened to public for free after many years of excavations.

Relax in National Gardens

The national gardens in Athens are shady and delightful refuge especially during summers. There were formerly royal gardens that were designed by the Queen Amalia. You will actually love the long and loving palm avenues that will lead to the plantings of the orange trees as well as ornamentals. If children are accompanying you, then they are surely going to enjoy a lot since there are huge children’s playground along with shady cafes.

Be a bit adventurous

Leave hustle and bustle of the capital and just pack your snacks and lunch to nearby mountain called Ymittos that is located in northern part of this city. This place is frequented by joggers, cyclers, hikers, and nature lovers. The mountain is covered by beautiful lush pine forests and it even features marked paths, historic monasteries, and some hidden caves.

Free tour of Athens!

If you think that you aren’t going to enjoy services of a good guide because you are tight on budget, then you are definitely wrong! There are many reputable organizations offering free tours across the city. These kinds of tours are mostly led by the locals of this city that will help you explore some hidden and interesting facts about this Greek capital!

Well, stunning experiences don’t always require higher cost. Explore the best of Athens with the help of the above guide!