6 Best Meals to Eat After a Workout

Diet regime is very important after a workout as it is before. You spend your glycogen which gives you energy, put muscles under quite a stress and lose electrolytes through sweat during a workout. Therefore, all these need replenishing so your body can function properly.

However, this recovery meals also need careful preparation to include all the nutrients you need to stimulate protein synthesis necessary to recover your muscles. So, it’s really important what kind of food you eat after a workout. To help you create a diet plan, here are the best meals to eat after exercise.

1. Greek yogurt

Unlike the regular yogurt, the Greek one is a great post-workout food for its higher carbohydrate share which will recover your energy. Use it with fruits and cereal to get a highly nutritional meal for your muscles, and you can also add some of it into shakes. Greek yogurt is also refreshing and light which will sit well with your stressed out body after the workout and help it with the muscle soreness.

2. Fruits

Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and carbs, but also they have enzymes which help the nutrients to reach your muscles. Bananas are, for example, a great source of potassium, while pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties. Turn oranges into a juice to get vitamin C and restore the electrolyte levels back to normal.

Blueberries can triple the pace of your recovery after a workout, being that they are a huge source of antioxidants. Even dried fruits can give you enough energy and nutrients to replenish your body’s deposits, although use them as a quick fix and not all the time. Kiwi is full of nutrients in and on the skin, so eat the whole thing to get your huge amount of potassium and vitamin C.

3. Hummus

Hummus is made from chickpeas which contain protein and carbs making them ideal post-workout food. They are great to eat raw, but many people find them tasteless and so turning them into hummus is perfect and delicious. This meal is not hard to make and you can add some other ingredients to the prepared meal, like garlic or pumpkin seeds.

To eat it, use whole grain pita bread or any type of healthy variants of toast or crackers. They are an even greater ingredient for tortilla rolls as a spread whether the ones with chicken or veggie variety.

4. Salmon

Salmon is a great fish for any healthy diet plan no matter if it’s after a workout or not. It has a large portion of protein and is rich with omega-3 fatty acids that help the cardiovascular system of your body. Omega-3 also has anti-inflammatory properties which will help you rebuild the muscles and increase your performance levels.

This is not a hard fish to prepare and you can make all sorts of healthy meals with it, from salads to main courses. Pair it with sweet potatoes for vitamins B6, C, D, magnesium, and potassium, or quinoa to get a healthy dose of carbs and fiber.

5. Protein shakes

If you go to the gym after work hours or don’t have time for food preparation to eat afterward, then consider using protein shakes. Using whey protein concentrate and other powders will give you sufficient nutrients to help recover your muscles. This is a perfect choice for a post-workout meal since you will save time and still get the full nutritional profile your body needs.

Add some fruit into your shake, like bananas, pears, blueberries, and watermelon. They contain vitamins and minerals, as well as carbs that will replenish your glycogen levels. Also, they will change the taste of your shake, so you wouldn’t get bored fast.

6. Water

Although not a meal, water is an integral part of your after workout recovery and that can’t be stressed enough. It will help you stay energized and hydrated, which in turn will keep your body running properly. Ideally, every pound you lost during the exercise should be compensated with 2-3 glasses of water.

Dehydration will make you feel weak, dizzy and you’ll experience cramps sooner. Water intake during the exercise is as important as taking it afterward, so make sure to always have a bottle at your side. Don’t separate the water from your meals, but consider it one of the most important ingredients of the healthy and efficient workout.

All in all

You can do a lot with planning and create a meal plan for after a workout can help you with establishing a healthy diet to replenish your body. There are options you can choose if you are too busy to cook, like protein shakes or you can show off the full potential of your cooking skills. Whichever you decide, set body recovery as your priority and thus make sure you eat the best meals after a workout.

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