5 Must Include Dishes in Wedding Menu that’ll Make Guests Go GaGa!

It will not be wrong to say that a wedding is remembered for its food. If the food catering service is not up to the mark then no matter how much money you had spent on decoration, the guests will end up saying “the wedding was good but the food quality was not that great”. Therefore it becomes very important for you to find the perfect caterer for the wedding. However, in addition to a caterer, the selection of food menu also plays a major role in making the guests happy. If you choose a menu which is not appetizing for the wedding guests then again the result will be bad mouthing.

One of the major crowd pleasers at any wedding is Italian cuisine. In a wedding buffet, you must’ve seen the maximum number of people standing at the pizza stall, right na? To help make your wedding the talk of the town for weeks to come, we present the perfect Italian menu which will make guests go ga-ga.

  1. Garlic Bread: That yummy, buttery and crispy bread baked in a hot oven with cheese broiled to perfection. It is the best appetizer to kick those taste buds active. There can be other variants as well, like plain garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread or vegetable, and cheese garlic bread.
  1. Pasta: This is a kid’s favorite and everyone can see their happy smiles when they know about pasta counter at the wedding. Many food caterers in Bangalore prepare 3-4 varieties of pasta at weddings such as white-sauce (pasta alfredo), red sauce (pasta arrabiatta), green sauce (pesto pasta) and mix sauce (pasta rosa). Though it is entirely your choice whether you want to have them all or not, at least include one.
  1. Pizza: Who doesn’t love PIZZA?! This Italian dish has won hearts all over the world, so it will surely win the hearts of your wedding guests as well. That hot-gooey mozzarella cheese, spicy & tangy tomato sauce and fresh veggies is the true definition of foodporn.
  1. Lasagna: Although not known to many but lasagna is nothing but a different style of pasta. It is basically flat layers of pasta sheet kept onto one-another and filled with various toppings/sauces in between. Sauces can be white sauce, red sauce or pesto sauce. And toppings can be stir-fried veggies like capsicum, carrots, french beans etc. This all is topped with a layer of cheese and baked till it becomes golden brown. Your guests will fall in love with it!
  1. Risotto: India has basmati rice and Italians have risotto rice. This dish can be said as an Italian version of Indian pulao. But do not think even for a second that it tastes like pulao, the taste of risotto is a complete 360 degree. It’s a flavor bomb which is made using butter, olive oil and wine (which can be skipped in Indian version). Very silky and creamy in texture, it will be a great discovery for the guest’s palette.

These are some of the most famous Italian dishes which you should definitely include in the wedding menu. But one major task left for you is to book the food caterer and we have good news for that! You won’t have to visit the market and search for various caterers, this task can be completed right now. Just visit Shaadidukaan.com, the online wedding market. Here you will find the list of best wedding caterers, simply get in touch with the one who matches your requirement as well as the budget.